Concurrent Processing with Pool Cache Model

  • ♻️通过MissionsDispatch分配到不同Threads,进行“自循环”并发事物处理(并发控制,可以通过Queue等机制进行协调)
  • 处理后的所有output统一存放到公共CachePool,该缓冲池存在内存里,保证速度,和跨线程存取
  • 并发的协调可以通过CachePool中各线程独自存储的flag进行判断
  • ♻️Persist存储单元通过“自循环”,定时去CachePool获取当前全部数据并存到本地,同时释放CachePool

XCode Framework Issues

Image not found - runtime

Under framework settings of the target, set Embed as Embed and Sign or Embed without Sign

Can't build module or
Umbrella header doesn't include xxx header or 
xxx header must be imported from module xxx before it is required

Check this framework’s dependencies (e.g. Check pod file to get the dependency list if you use Cocoapods), make sure they are OK under your current project environment.

Can't find xxx header

Check your framework/header searching path.